Ann Giezek played the violin and the piano since a young age. For the secondary school education she enrolled at the Fine Arts section of St-Lukas in Brussels.

In 1986 Ann was accepted to the Welsh School of Musical Instrument making to follow the three year course to become a violin maker and repairer. She graduated in 1989.

After graduation Ann came back to Belgium and started working for Pascal Gilis in Brussels.

She also obtained a teachers degree and spent some years teaching.

Her own workshop on a self employed basis could roll out in the beginning of 2004.

Ann regularly follows courses to expand her know-how in the field. She followed courses with François Perego, Jean Grunberger, Iris Carr and Tony Echavidre. She also maintains close contacts with collegues in Belgium and abroad which she sometimes collaborates with.

Both amateurs, conservatory students, teachers and professional orchestra musicians appreciate Ann's work. Ann tries to sense and understand every player ’s musical language as good as possible to be able to make the correct intervention on the instrument or to find a suitable instrument in the specified budget. The best sound possible and the ease of playing are the key factor to her approach.


+32 2 330 11 55


Avenue Rode Beuken, 11

1780 Wemmel

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